Dr. Dana Cheng

Publisher's Note

Dear Readers, 

AMERICAN ESSENCE brings to you stories that remind us of the promise of America.

This is a magazine for Americans who love their nation. It is a magazine that focuses on traditional American values and great American stories. It tells the stories of real Americans who take individual initiative to make their lives and the lives of others better. It offers stories of heroes and regular folks from the past and the present who took the high road. These are stories of generosity and goodness that inspire us to look at things in a better light.

The magazine’s main content focuses on the best of America. Regular features include stories of the Founding Fathers, great Americans, small farms, beautiful landscapes, small-town living, American artists, historical buildings, Made In America products, and people who exemplify achievement, creativity, and enterprise. 

America serves as the flagship of the free world. It has gone through difficult periods many times, but it has remained prosperous, because we are blessed. We are a land like no other to those seeking freedom of belief, the only country that prints “In God We Trust” on currency as a daily reminder. It is this enduring belief and our core ideals that have carried us through, and kept America strong; and this is what serves as the nation’s legacy. American Essence celebrates America’s contribution to humanity. 

We hope you will join us on this journey.